Report Design

MDHI State of Homelessness Report 2020

This report was the first of its kind for the Metro Denver region and an expansion of the Point In Time Report from the Metro Denver Housing Initiative.

I was responsible for the layout and the creation of all the charts, graphs, images, and callouts throughout the report based on hard data and copy from MDHI.

The copy was provided in a Word file, and the data was provided in table format screenshots. I used InDesign to create the report along with Visme and Excel to create the images.

Link to full report here.

MDHI Point In Time Report 2019

The Point In Time Report from MDHI had been around for a while, but this was my first time working on it.

They had the copy, charts, and graphs, but didn’t have a clear style or format to get their information across.

I used InDesign to come up with the format, layout, and design to make it more accessible and consumable. Local journalists even commented on how much easier it was to write about the report findings after we released it.

Link to full report here.