Before we jump into work I’ve done for clients, here’s a small sample of UX Writing I’ve done for the Daily UX Writing Challenge. I was given a Scenario and Challenge with Character Limits each day. I used Figma Templates for the design and wrote original copy for each one.

Click through the slideshow to view more.

The content below is a small sample of my work. To hear about all the onboarding tutorials, user surveys,
feature announcements, UI copy, and interactive walk-throughs I’ve done that I can’t share images of publicly,
email me so I can tell you about the projects and what I delivered.

Content Resource Center

After working with an asset and service management company to create a knowledge base of help articles for their complex system full of configurations and numerous user workflows, they next needed a way to notify their users of new changes to the system and connect with them while in the application.

I created this Resource Center for them using Pendo to provide in-app announcements, tutorials specific to each page, links out to the knowledge base, and a way to contact support.

Each time we added a new announcement, a notification appeared next to the target button. Adoption of new features went through the roof and support calls dropped significantly.

In-App Tutorials

While the same company mentioned above worked to improve user relations on legacy products, they also developed new apps for their marketplace.

Here’s one of the first tutorials I created using Pendo to introduce existing users to the new system. To watch my conference talk on it, click here.

I have many more advanced examples of onboarding and feature tutorials I can’t share online in which I was responsible for the strategy, design, and writing of that greatly reduced support time.

Let’s talk about them. Email me here.

Company COVID Response

When we all started to realize the impact of the pandemic, the company I contracted with knew they needed to get in touch with their users. 

I worked with Senior Directors to conceptualize and create a thank-you to their users who were essential and still working through the pandemic. In it, we shared a list of features central to the application they could use to reduce face-to-face contact.

This guide was later made into a popular webinar and used in discussions with prospective customers.

Tech Industry
Web Articles

In 2014, I wrote web articles on tech industry news and trends for Built In Colorado – a community of innovators, makers, founders, & creatives from Colorado. 

To read them, click here.

Logo Launch Article

Chimney Trail was entering a new phase of their startup life after working hard for two years.

They had recently come out with a new website and were getting ready to launch a new logo.

I wrote this News article for them to introduce their current members to the new logo and give any prospective members some insight into who they are what they represent.

Website Copy

I created copy and helped design Shopify and WordPress websites for a family outdoor adventure company, entertainment production company, and skin care professional.

For more screenshots, click here.

Outdoor Adventure Guidebook

Over the course of Summer 2020, I wrote 12 how-to articles for families learning how to go car camping.

Right before the holiday season, the company decided to create physical guidebooks out of the how-to articles and offer them as part of a subscription box.

I was responsible for the design, layout, editing, and publication of the book. The plan was for families to collect each season’s book and add them to a bigger binder as well as take them along to the campsite and hook them to their gear.

Here are few images taken by the production team putting the first books together.

Subscription Box Landing Page

Chimney Trail had shifted their business plan and were introducing a new subscription box as part of their membership.

I created a landing page for them using Instapage just in time for the holidays that landed them a whole new set of members.

Report Design

I worked with the Metro Denver Housing Initiative (MDHI) in 2019 and 2020 to design and edit both their Point In Time Report and State of Homelessness Report.

This included branding, layout, callouts, charts, graphs, and copyediting using InDesign, Visme, and Excel.

For links to the full reports, click here.

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